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In recent years, there has been a drastic change in the strategy that real estate agents use to list properties. Thanks to Internet advances, more buyers prefer going online to search for homes. We, at EXP Realty, are now able to market property online at a fraction of the cost that we would have paid when using traditional marketing techniques.

By marketing real estate online, we don’t need to pay broker commission splits or franchise fees. Often, these costs are passed on to you. By concentrating on marketing and technology, we can pass cost savings to homeowners with our groundbreaking 1% listing program. In doing so, we also ensure that you get optimum value for your property at a low cost.

How 1% Listing Works

Typically, homeowners pay a commission to agents who are involved in the transaction. On average, the commission rate charged by agents nationally is 6% of the property’s final price. The fee is often split between brokers and agents handling the sale, the buyer’s agent, and the listing agent. At EXP Realty, we charge you a 1% listing commission. This way, you can save up to 50% of what you’d have ended up paying to traditional, full-commission agents.

Full-service listing agents sometimes charge a commission of up to 1% on the final sale price. This is beside additional fees that you will need to pay the buyer’s agent. If you sold a home for $400,000, for instance, and paid full commission, you will spend at least $24,000 in broker fees alone. On the other hand, when you pay a listing fee of 1%, your overall commission rate will drop by up to 50%. In this scenario, you will save nearly $8,000 on commission.

To make our discount property brokerage model effective, we leverage technology over old-fashioned marketing techniques that other realtors use. Our 1% listing is meant to cut high overhead costs while increasing your property’s marketing exposure. The structural improvements that we have made to the traditional property brokerage model allow us to offer complete, full-service real estate services for1% listing commission.

The Key Takeaway

As your full-service real estate brokerage, we don’t see why you should pay excessive commission for less service. We believe that a higher commission doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll get better service. Our comprehensive marketing plan ensures that every homeowner who is part of our 1% listing program receives the best service.

The 1% commission that we charge covers all paperwork, appraisals, inspections, showings management, negotiations, sign in the yard, and even the MLS door lockbox. This enables you to sell your property for less. Our effective real estate marketing strategies also give you the benefit of having an agent in your corner at times.

In as much as price ought to be the primary consideration when evaluating 1% listing fee services, what matters to us is ensuring that you get maximum value in exchange for the fees. Similarly, we partner with local and national agents to ensure that your property gets sold within the shortest time possible.