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Maybe you’ve thought about moving soon and want to test the waters to determine whether 2021 is the year to pack up and get a new address. Here at EXP Realty, we want to help you make the right choices with your move. Here are the leading reasons for relocating in 2021.


Current events may have you working from home more than you’re used to. Depending on your career trajectory and your current employer, you may work from home more in the coming years. If you moved into your current home or neighborhood to be closer to work, working where you live may have you thinking about living somewhere else. By moving, you may find a house with more space to set up a proper home office rather than working at the kitchen or dining room table.

Getting Out of the City

Maybe you moved to the city when you graduated from college and never left. Another area of life affected by current events is city living, which means the city amenities you used to enjoy are no longer safe or a viable option. Beyond that, maybe you’ve tired of city life expenses and want to move to the suburbs or a hub that’s close to the city but doesn’t have the costs associated with city life.

Online Learning

Just as you may want more space to work from home comfortably, you may desire more space for your kids to learn if they attend school virtually. The local school district may be another reason you chose your current neighborhood. With schools shifting how they operate, the time may be ideal to move to a new area for yourself and your kids.

More Amenities

Do you wish your home had more amenities that align with your current desires from life? Perhaps you wish you had more outdoor space, or maybe you want a room dedicated to a home gym. Either way, access to amenities serves as a leading reason for moving.

More Value

Perhaps you earned a few promotions or raises since you moved into your current home or apartment. If so, you may desire to relocate into a bigger space that offers more value. Looking at residential properties in different areas may make you realize how much more you can get for a home with the same mortgage payment as your current monthly rent.

Improved Financial Health

Are you tired of supporting your landlord’s income each month when you pay rent? Or maybe you feel your current home has become more of a financial burden and less of a financial boon. In either scenario, moving could help improve your financial health. Monetary peace of mind often brings a sense of calm to other areas of your life. When you aren’t devoting most of your income to your mortgage or rent, you have money to invest in other areas of your life or financial household.

Do you feel ready to pack up your life and home and move to greener pastures? If so, reach out to us here at EXP Realty by submitting a Contact Us form.