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Why You Need a Real Estate Agent to Sell Your House

To many sellers, listing their homes as FSBO seems like a good idea. What many fail to understand is that this isn’t always the best decision. Here’s why you should work with a property agent to sell your home.

1. There are Too Many Parties to Negotiate With

You should be prepared to negotiate with the following people if you choose to list your property on your own.

  • Prospective buyers who want the best deal
  • Buyers’ agents who represent the best interests of potential buyers
  • Buyers’ attorneys in some states
  • Home inspection companies that act on behalf of buyers, and are always keen to find some fault with your house
  • A valuer
  • Your bank in the event of a short sale

2. Exposure to Potential Buyers

Recent studies indicate that 92% of buyers search for potential properties online. This pales in comparison with the 28% who look at print ads. A professional property agent always has an Internet marketing strategy that ensures your home sells as soon as it’s listed.

3. Real-Time Results from the Internet

Gone are the days when you could sell a house by merely putting up a sign on your porch. An active Internet strategy is essential. At EXP Realty, we have an aggressive Internet campaign for all our listing.

4. FSBO is Becoming More Difficult

Real estate deals involve a lot of paperwork. Industry regulations and disclosures have become mandatory. This explains why FSBO is becoming more difficult and less popular.

5. Agents Help You Earn More from Your Home

Hiring a property agent has a financial advantage because you will net more money from the house compared to selling on your own. On average, a home that is sold by the owner nets $184,000, whereas a house sold by agents nets $230,000.

Therefore, it makes sense to pay a commission and allow a professional to fetch more money for your property. At EXP Realty, our 1% program helps you make even more money.


It no longer makes sense to list your house as FSBO. Indeed, you do not want to deal with the headache of negotiating the deal or getting less money for your home. There’s so much to gain from hiring a selling agent.

If you are interested in selling your home, get in touch with us at 702.545.0020. We will be available to answer all your questions.