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Does it seem that there are more real estate agents than they are properties for sale? With so many real estate professionals wanting to get in on this hot Las Vegas market, you may find it challenging to find the best one for you. Any reputable agency should be happy to answer your questions; after all, they want to earn your business. These eight questions can help you narrow down your focus and select the right agency.

A Select Few To Interview

How do you whittle down the playing field to a few candidates? It doesn’t hurt to do a bit of preliminary research before you start a real conversation. Eliminate agencies that are not local. You want someone who knows the area well or is a member of the community.

In addition, determine if a potential real estate agency works with buyers, agents, or both. You want someone to represent your interests and be on your side. Here are eight more questions to ask:

1. Do you have a specialty?

If you want high-end luxury properties, you wouldn’t want to work with an agency specializing in condos and townhouses. Get a sense of where their strengths lie to see if they match your goals.

2. Are you full-time?

Are the real estate agency professionals working full-time, or is this a side gig to supplement income? If you have a simple property sale, it may not matter to you. On the other hand, if you expect concierge-level service, part-time availability may not be enough.

3. How do you bill?

While it is less common to find an agency that works on an hourly or flat-fee basis, it exists. Ask about their contract requirements, commission, or other billing questions to avoid any unexpected fees.

4. Who is your point person?

Do you like the idea of a team to support your real estate transaction, or would you rather work with just one person? It may make communication easier if you deal with only one agent.

5. How many closings do you have a year?

Closings act as a metric for success in a competitive real estate agency market. If an agency cannot seal the deal, is that the one you want working for you? Conversely, does this agency concentrate so intently on closings that it impacts the customer experience?

6. What are your qualifications?

Do not be afraid to ask about years of experience or certifications. While trust is a big part of the client-agent relationship, an agent should earn that trust.

7. Do you have referrals?

See how other clients feel about this agency. Did they have a positive experience? They may have constructive criticism to share that helps you manage your expectations.

8. How do you communicate?

If you are a texter, you may not appreciate the dynamics of unexpected phone calls. See if the agency gives you the option to determine the right amount and format for communication that works for you.

The Right Real Estate Professionals for You

Our team at EXP Realty is happy to answer any questions you may have. We are experts in the highly competitive Las Vegas market and can show you the latest listings that tick your boxes. Contact us to learn more about our process.