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Buying a home in Las Vegas is the largest and most rewarding financial investment you will ever make. Whether you are purchasing your dream home, rental property, or expanding your investment portfolio, owning a real estate is a great and less risky way to build equity or obtain a greater return on investment. Platinum is an innovative and modern total solution company that focuses on delivering a five-star experience to every customer buying a home in Las Vegas. Over the years, we have embraced technology in recognizing the importance of strategically understanding the concept of the real estate market in Nevada.

Why Choose EXP Realty

  • Marketing knowledge: the adoption of technology at EXP Realty has enabled us to acquire market information and project trade, which will govern your purchase process. EXP Realty have adopted top-notch technology to help them in acquiring market information, which they will share with you and ensure you stay informed about the recent trends in the real estate industry in Las Vegas. Basic market statics and data such as the average price per square foot of similar homes, average days on the market, median and average sales prices, and ratios of list-to-sold prices will have a significant impact on your decision regarding where to purchase your home.
  • Resources: Due to the dynamic nature of the real estate market in Las Vegas, EXP Realty has invested in acquiring the right resources to help identify a property and use their industry knowledge to place winning offers. The advanced Multiple Listing Service at Platinum identifies a property that matches your search and immediately notifies you via email of the available listing where you review the photos and take a virtual tour with the videos of your next home.
  • Price Guidance: Contrary to the believe that agents set the prices for listing; agents neither select prices for buyers nor set them for sellers. However, an agent will offer guidance for you to make the right choice based on your budget. Through the available resources, EXP Realty agents lookup for offers in a certain neighborhood and advise you on what the best offer would be and the go-ahead to draft the offer on your behalf. Even when not relying on MLS, the agents will provide you with other available options of houses for sale.
  • Experience: founded by the golden knight of real estate, Anthony Knight, EXP Realty has the right footing when it comes to an understanding of the nature of the real estate industry in Vegas. Having gained dominance in the industry, Platinum has identified the right team to help clients in making informed purchase decisions and refer them to the best lenders in the industry for financing. Moreover, the agents know how to maneuver through the inspection and escrow processes.
  • Negotiation: Negotiating is an essential skill for real estate firms and agents to help you get the best possible offer in the market. At Platinum, the agents objectively represent buyers and sellers without engaging their emotions while keeping their client’s best intentions in mind.

Contact us today and get the best available help towards buying a home in Las Vegas.