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If you are planning to buy a house or build a property portfolio in Las Vegas, there are a myriad of choices before you. Properties are available in many styles, sizes, and price ranges, based on your preferences, family size, and budget; hence, you will find an abundance of home options to meet your specific needs. Whether you are first-time home buyer or an experienced long-time investor, you will need resources and assistance in finding the perfect property.

Even the savviest buyer will need to find the services of a real estate agent in getting a best under houses for sale in this fast-paced market. At EXP Realty, our licensed and experienced agents are available to assist you in all ways possible. Our Realtors can provide a wide variety of real estate information – from how you will buy property, to tax obligations, to finding a lender to get the most competitive rates. Once you work with Platinum real Estate, you will have a simplified guide towards owning a home in the best neighborhoods in Las Vegas.

Our Services

At EXP Realty, we offer home consultation to help you determine which properties meet your objectives and parameters for the best home purchases in Las Vegas. We conduct research to get you the property that has not been listed on MLS listings and matches your objectives. Our expert negotiation skills and in-depth understanding of the bank owned property buying and bidding processes empower us to help you in placing your offer for immediate acceptance.

If you are in need of financing, we will refer you to the best lenders in the market, whom we have worked with in the past to provide our clients with mortgage financing at affordable rates. We have a diverse team of lenders who specialize in the specific property offered under EXP Realty financed properties. Once you have chosen to work with us, our lender will provide you with a qualification letter in the format that the bank will approve and offer you immediate financing for your home and favorable repayment options.

If you are a cash buyer, sellers will require proof that the funds will be submitted together with the offer. In this case, our knowledgeable realtors will guide you through the comprehensive guide of what asset managers look for, to have your offer accepted over another in this competitive arena.

Once you have reviewed the properties and made your decision on the location and type of property you are purchasing, our agents will take you to tour the properties at your convenience. We work with our clients patiently, ensuring you get the best property that fulfills your dream within your budget. Additionally, we help our clients prepare the required documents to accompany the offer.

Should you be purchasing an investment portfolio, we will oversee the inspection and escrow process upon approval of the offer in an effort to make the transaction seamless. With our powerful marketing technology on the global sphere, we ensure that your property rented in a short period.

We uniquely leverage modern technology to provide the best services to our clients, and to showcase your properties to the global market, for all things related to houses for sale in Las Vegas.