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How Does A 1% Listing Work?

When you are ready to sell your home, you have to think about listing it with a licensed real estate agent in town. As expected, your real estate agent will charge you a fee to list your home for sale. In a conventional home sale realtors often charge up to 6% of the home’s final sale price as their commission. But what if you could pay 1% to your listing agent, and receive all the services (any likely more) than a typical realtor?

What is a 1% Listing Fee?

The listing fee is the fee paid to your listing agent as remuneration for their services. Listing agents often charge 3% of the home’s final sale price, and the buyer’s agent will charge approximately the same. Not when you work with us. We will list your home for 1% of the sales price. 

Let’s use an example. If you sell your home for $400,000 and pay 3% as the commission fee, you will part with $12,000! However, if you opt for our 1% listing service, your agent’s fee will come to $4,000. When you put it in perspective, you can save $8,000 on commission fees when you choose to work with us!

How to Get a 1% Listing Fee?

Here is how to list your home for 1% of your home’s sales price.

  • You can negotiate a lower fee with your traditional real estate agent. However, let’s face it. What are the chances that the agent will reduce the commission from 3% to 1%?
  • You can hire us at 1% and get all of the same services you would from any other agent.

With EXP Realty, you can have it all! How is this possible?

The Reasons Behind the 1% Listing Fee

  1. The internet has changed the traditional model of listing and selling houses. Buyers now rely on the internet to find new homes. Just like the modern buyer, we have updated our listing model to suit the internet world. You can now enjoy online marketing instead of relying on traditional marketing techniques. Thanks to our online presence and robust social media strategy, we can sell your home to online home buyers.
  2. Unlike other realtors, we do not have commission splits between franchises. We do not pass junk commission fees to you, and thus save you more money. We have trimmed the process to focus on marketing and technology. As we leverage modern techniques to save on listing, we pass the savings to you as well.

How Do We Compare Against Other Real Estate Agents?

There are numerous discount and flat-fee real estate agents in the market. Perhaps the realtor that sold you your home is among the group. Understandably, it may be tempting to go for what is familiar. However, if the agents decide to offer a discount, they may provide limited services to offset the lower rate.

With EXP Realty, you enjoy full listing services at 1%, with no hidden charges. With our package, you will receive the following services:

  • A professional photoshoot for your home.
  • Your home will feature on Zillow, Trulia, and other home search portals.
  • You can sell your home on the Multiple Listing service.
  • Your realtor will promote your home on social media.
  • You will receive full service representation by your realtor.

Are you ready to list your home for 1%? Contact us today!