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Torn between listing your home now and waiting until the festive season is over? If yes, then we get you. Nobody likes dealing with the tasks involved in closing a property, while everybody around them is all hyped about how the holidays. But, while it may not be appealing, listing your home before the holidays is a good idea for the following reasons:

Less Competition

With the holidays fast catching up, most home sellers often choose to wait until the holiday fever is over so they can list their properties. This is usually a sensible decision because, during this season, most potential buyers are generally too busy preparing for the happy season ahead to add home inspections to their list. Thus listing your home before the holidays is a good idea as there are few listings, hence less competition and high demand for the few available properties, including yours.

More Serious Buyers

A big chunk of those who purchase homes before or during holidays often do so because they want to spend their holidays in a new home. Others do so because they are relocating to Vegas in the coming year, and thus, they want to be all settled in before the holidays. Hence listing your home at a time like this means exposure to serious buyers who just want to be over and done with the process before the festivities are in full gear or before the New Year is here. This means your chances of closing that deal even before the holidays are in full throttle, are pretty high.

Smoother Closing Transactions

Trying to close a home sale during a season like spring is nothing short of hectic. At this time, there are usually so many home-selling transactions taking place, and everyone in real estate is super-occupied. Listing your home during holidays also eliminates this because with fewer listings, come fewer sales, and, consequently, a smooth sailing closing process.

Tips to List and Successfully Sell Your Home before the Holidays

There are plenty of other reasons to list your home before the holidays, but the above are enough to show you why it’s a good idea. On that note, here are tips to maximize your chances of closing before the holidays:

Create an Impressive Listing

The key to successfully selling off a home in this digital era is to have an impressive listing profile. We are experts at all things related to your listing and making it beautiful, as we leverage all the latest technologies and put frankly, we know what we are doing!

Hire a Reliable Realtor

There is so much that goes into successfully selling a home. So while an impressive listing will attract buyers and you can also deal with the process yourself, it’s wise to hire a professional realtor. For instance, our professional realtors have dealt with the process countless times and we know the process back to front. We can alleviate any issues that could come up, and most of the time, skip them altogether. Our professional staff will also advise you on what you can do to increase the likelihood of a quick purchase. So we’ll not only make the process seamless but also increase your chances of getting the house out of your hands.

Improve Curb Appeal

A majority of buyers decide whether they’ll inspect a home based on its exterior appearance. If it lacks curb appeal, they’ll not even bother to check out what features it may pack. Therefore, put in some work in improving curb appeal. For instance, give it a new paint job, add window boxes, install a new door, and work on the landscape.

Over to You

Listing your house before or during the holiday might not seem like a good idea, but it has some few advantages such as giving you exposure to serious buyers. Get in touch with one of our skilled realtors today for professional help selling it.