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Nevada has long been a target destination for retirees, as well as entrepreneurs and workers across all industries. With the recent influx of residents from California and the addition of the NFL Raiders, the Las Vegas area continues its decades-long growth, making it a great market for home sales. However, that doesn’t mean getting top dollar for your house is easy; research, preparation and strategy all play a role. Follow these professional tips for selling a home in Las Vegas.

Repair Any Problems

Whether you have big problems or small ones, resolve any issues beforehand. If you’ve been putting off roofing, foundation or other major repairs, you must disclose these issues to potential buyers by law. A pre-purchase inspection will turn up these issues anyway, so take care of them or be prepared to lower the sale price. You should also see to minor repairs to make your home more attractive.

Stage Your Home

You’ve probably heard of staging your home or presenting it in its best light. But staging means more than simply uncluttering rooms. The idea is to help buyers envision your house as their new home, so pack up your personal photos, toys and all non-essential items. In addition,

  • Ensure you have good lighting in all rooms
  • Clear out storage areas as much as possible
  • Tidy up closets and pare down your wardrobe
  • Remove any unnecessary furniture, including bookcases
  • Keep room design and furniture placement simple
  • Consider repainting walls and the exterior in neutral colors
  • Spruce up your yard, front and back and keep it well-maintained

The more items you can remove from your home, the better. Uncluttered spaces let you show off your home’s best points and also make rooms appear more spacious.

Maintain a Clean Home

It takes a lot of effort to maintain a home in showroom style, so the simpler you make things, the better. Your home may be on the market a single week or several months, so complete an initial “spring cleaning,” and then work to maintain it.

  • Empty your trash can before it’s full and right away after discarding any food
  • Get in the habit of drying and replacing dishes immediately
  • Keep your toilets and bathroom sparkling clean
  • Maintain a regular dusting and vacuuming routine
  • Use plug-in air fresheners or candles for an inviting aroma

A clean home is inviting and makes visitors feel welcome. It also signals to buyers that you have maintained your home well. If you have removed items that add clutter, your rooms will also be easier to keep clean.

Set the Price

Many factors go into pricing a home, including location, size, upgrades and more. A professional realtor will consider all of these elements and assess the sale of area homes in determining a good asking price. Keep in mind that, while a realtor’s goal is to get the best price, that includes setting a price that is realistic and likely to be met.

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