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When preparing to put your house on the Las Vegas market, your objective is to sell the house quickly but at a profitable price. Staging the rooms can make all the difference but it must be done strategically. Here are some impactful staging steps you can take so that anyone who sees your property will want to snatch it up as quickly as possible.

Hire a Local Professional

Having a Las Vegas real estate professional by your side gives you a significant advantage when preparing your home for walk-throughs. A 2020 survey determined that staged homes were on the market less than a month and 85% of staged homes sold above the listed price.

Real estate agents are knowledgeable on current style and design trends, which gives you an edge when deciding how to set up the home. Additionally, they can make recommendations on professional companies you might need during the staging process, such as storage companies for your personal belongings. Working with an agent from EXP Realty will give you a leg up when selling your home.

Remove Your Personal Touch

The goal of staging is for potential buyers to envision themselves living in your home, so while you might embrace an eccentric style, it is best to have a minimalist approach when showing your house. Consider the following suggestions for getting your property ready to show:

  • Paint the rooms a neutral color. Lighter colors will make the rooms feel larger and more open.
  • Take down photographs of family and friends.
  • Put away trinkets and personal items.
  • Store any decorative rugs or blankets unless they match the staged style of the room.

Focus on the Entrance

Whether you live near the strip or several miles away, the front yard and entryway are the first thing potential buyers see, so you want to make it an attractive first impression. The lawn needs to be well-kept; the grass should be green, any bushes trimmed and the driveway and sidewalk free of dirt and stains. Make sure the mailbox and address number are clean and in good condition. Touch up any paint chips on the front door and the garage door.

Keep Rooms Clean and Clear

The idea of staging and maintaining all the rooms in your house can be overwhelming. While it is important that all rooms are in a clean and orderly condition, research suggests that staging will make the strongest impact in the kitchen, living room and master bedroom and bathroom. Therefore, these are the rooms where efforts should be focused.

It is essential that any clutter be removed from the rooms. Too much stuff makes the room appear smaller and cramped. Even if the furniture matches, if it’s a struggle to get from one end of the room to the other, buyers will notice. Put any furniture and accessories that are not needed into storage.

Finally, do your best to keep the house clean. The best way to do this is to tidy up as you go about your day. Sweep after meals, wipe down sinks after use and clean dirty dishes right away.

Staging can make all the difference when selling your house. It can impact both the time it takes to sell and the amount it sells for. Contact us today to learn how EXP Realty can help your home look top notch.