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Selling your home seems extremely stressful, particularly when trying to sell it quickly, but it doesn’t have to be. If you ask friends or family for advice, you will undoubtedly wind up with a lot more tips than you need. Fortunately, you can narrow it down by following these ten easy tips to help you sell your home fast.

1. Inspect Your Home

Start by searching your home from the peak of the roof to the ground or basement. Keep a notebook or a list of everything that needs to be repaired. Don’t stick to listing only the major repairs. List every bit of flaking paint and every tiny hole in the wall.

2. Repair Everything You Can

Use your list to repair everything you can or hire someone to do it for you. This can significantly increase the purchase price of your home.

3. Make Your Home Inviting

You’ve probably heard of tricks like baking cookies to make your home smell better, but staging is more than that. You should think of your home as a showroom. You can:

  • Make sure everything is well lit
  • Set the table with your best china
  • Add flowers and other accents
  • Keep things neutral

A fresh coat of paint and some good lighting can go a long way toward making your home look brighter and more appealing.

5. De-clutter Everything

De-cluttering is not just organizing things. You should remove things like tissue boxes, straighten your closets and clean up your pantry. Keep surfaces empty or at least very neat. Remove unnecessary furniture and knick-knacks.

6. Try To Appeal to Every Buyer

This means removing:

  • Anything religious
  • Anything political
  • Personal items like photos, cosmetics and collections
  • Signs of hobbies and interests

Remember, your buyers can be of any nationality, political affiliation or religion.

7. Don’t Neglect Your Yard

You can spruce up any yard by adding flowers and other landscaping features. Also, make sure your yard and bushes are neatly trimmed. Remember, you are not only selling your house but your property as well.

8. Keep Valuables Out of Sight

People are curious, keep any jewelry, valuables or particularly expensive items hidden while buyers are in your home. You do not want to be a target.

9. Deep Clean

Clean your house from top to bottom. This is easier to do after you de-clutter. If you are not particularly fond of cleaning, hire a professional to do it for you. Pay particular attention to:

  • Kitchen counters, cabinets, flooring and appliances
  • Air conditioning or heating vents and returns
  • Corners of floors, baseboards and ceilings
  • Bathrooms
  • Windows and your house’s exterior

Beware of odors. Anything strange smelling can turn buyers off. Make sure to empty your trash daily and keep your fridge smelling sweet with some baking soda.

10. When in Doubt Hire Someone

Real estate professionals sell hundreds of homes per year. They can be experts on getting your home ready to sell. They can also refer you to professionals for repairs and cleaning.

To sell your home as quickly as possible, call EXP Realty. We can help you with all your staging and selling needs.