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Most people can agree that holidays are an ideal time to meet friends and family. As a homeowner, you will probably hunker down towards the end of the year and focus on celebrating the new year. Between shopping, traveling, wrapping gifts and making endless phone calls, selling your house might be the last thing in your mind. While some people may tell you that selling your home during the holidays isn’t advantageous, here are the top five reasons why you should do so during the holidays.

  1. There Is Less Inventory

As more people focus on holiday fun and events, there will be fewer properties listed on the market for sale. In spring, the inventory picks up, and the competition intensifies. The low competition can work to your advantage. Since there are few homes on the market, you have a chance to stand out and attract buyers. As home buyers approach you for sale, you also have room to negotiate better prices.

  1. The Buyers Are Serious

Anyone willing to place their ceremonies aside to go house hunting is a serious buyer. During other times of the year, you will encounter several buyers that are undecided about their home-buying plans. Most people would instead attend open houses in the spring than spend their Thanksgiving or Christmas driving around seeing houses. If your home is up for sale during the winter holidays, there is a high chance that the buyers will be serious, and potentially make a purchase.

  1. Faster Processing

The end of the year is a perfect time to conclude a sale quickly. Most people have visions to start their new year off in a new home. The buyers will be hungry to make a home in an ideal location before the following year starts. This is certainly a positive for you.

The many individuals involved in the transaction may have more time to dedicate to the transaction as well, which could mean faster than normal processing times. Your realtor, lenders, and the brokers involved will also want to conclude the transaction for you before breaking for the holidays. The festive rush will help you make the sale more quickly.

  1. You Can Make Your Home Attractive

The holidays are a time for people to gather around fireplaces and drink hot chocolate with pies. You can stage your home during winter to attract buyers by providing a cozy and homey appeal. Keeping the heat up, offering pie and hot chocolate will give you an advantage over other sellers. When a buyer leaves the snow and cold outside, they will feel right at home when they walk into your house.

  1. Your Neighborhood Will Look More Appealing

As the fireplaces warm in and the pies bake, most of your neighbors will also decorate their homes. Every corner will have Christmas lights, figurines, statues, and decorations. Buyers will have an opportunity to view your home in a different light. The joy of the festive season can help them picture the home in a very positive manner. This is a unique opportuntiy that doesnt happen but once a year.

Selling your home during the holiday season will help you usher in a new year with renewed confidence. If you are planning to sell your home during the festive season, contact EXP Realty for assistance.